Andersonville Galleria Has Something for EveryoneFrom portraits made out of video cassettes to a variety of gourmet treats, you can find almost anything at Andersonville Galleria, a retail market building that is home to over 90 different tenants. Located in the heart of Andersonville at 5247 N. Clark St., the galleria first opened in November 2007. It is the perfect... Read more »
Monthly Art Galleries in ChicagoThe Chicago Arts District, located across Halsted and 18th Street, seeks to preserve the artistic culture of Chicago. Doing so, they hold monthly art walks on every second Friday of the month. They call the event Second Friday’s, and those who go to view are welcomed with drinks and snacks and walk through an assortment... Read more »
Spring into Festival SeasonWe can’t help but daydream about springtime in Chicago as we are being teased with glimpses of 60-degree weather, putting away the winter jackets, and smelling the flowers. Coming out of the winter cave, getting back into all of the Chicago events can be a hassle. Spring is the season that warms up Chicagoans and... Read more »
Lashback Against Catcalling in PilsenThe Stop Telling Women to Smile (#STWTS) campaign, an art-based collective devoted to addressing street harassment, commonly referred to as “catcalling,” became a recent concern among local Pilsen residents. The Pilsen neighborhood is notable for its rich Latin American, family-oriented atmosphere, as well as its mom-and-pop convenient stores, vintage apparel shops, art, and kosher food... Read more »