Boozy Bar Specials Cure the Monday BluesA spoonful of sugar might help the medicine go down, but a glassful of mezcal is a surefire cure-all for a case of the Mondays. Bars in Chicago are rising to the task of tempering those weekday blues by serving up some boozy new promotions on Monday nights. From mezcal pours to Manhattans, Mondays just got... Read more »
Two Bars, One Stone: Slippery Slope & Heavy FeatherFor the indecisive social drinker, Chicago is a wonderland of choices. Aside from the sheer astounding mass of diverse bars that dot the city, there are quite a few that go a step further by carving out entirely different bars within existing infrastructure. Essentially, the result is a Russian nesting doll-like bar situation, where one... Read more »
Chicago’s Golden Age of BeerThere’s never been a better time to be over 21 in Chicago, especially if you’ve got a predilection for craft beer. Long gone are the days when the local beer conversation started and ended with Goose Island, an institution that helped pave the way for a seemingly never-ending barrage of up-and-coming breweries, both small and... Read more »