Frock Shop Showcases FashionWalking into the Frock Shop is like walking into an urban socialite’s dream. The loft features exposed brick walls and hardwood floors, the shop displays fashion books and metallic-accented decor, and the music is an utterly perfect blend of girly, edgy and fun. And then, there’s the reason for the Frock Shop’s fabulous existence —... Read more »
Imperial Lamian Delivers Elegant Chinese CuisineThe former Centro space on 6 W. Hubbard is about to undergo a major makeover. Imperial Lamian, introduced to us by the Indonesian-based Imperial Group, guarantees to bring a deluxe taste of Asian cuisine to the Chicago food scene. The stunning new space, conceived by design firm Metaphor Interior Architecture, will feature an innovative mix... Read more »
Boozy Bar Specials Cure the Monday BluesA spoonful of sugar might help the medicine go down, but a glassful of mezcal is a surefire cure-all for a case of the Mondays. Bars in Chicago are rising to the task of tempering those weekday blues by serving up some boozy new promotions on Monday nights. From mezcal pours to Manhattans, Mondays just got... Read more »
Two Bars, One Stone: Slippery Slope & Heavy FeatherFor the indecisive social drinker, Chicago is a wonderland of choices. Aside from the sheer astounding mass of diverse bars that dot the city, there are quite a few that go a step further by carving out entirely different bars within existing infrastructure. Essentially, the result is a Russian nesting doll-like bar situation, where one... Read more »
Unconventional Postage: The Work of Artist Jordan ScottThe artist’s studio is a sanctuary. Maybe it’s just the voyeur in me, but there is something intriguing about exploring another artist’s workspace. It’s enlightening. It not only offers insight into the artist and their inherent character, but also their creative process. With a long history as an exhibiting artist, gallery director and exhibition curator,... by filed under Art, Featured Articles. Tags: