CH Distillery Creates Personality-Inspired Cocktails

Personality tests are a lot more engaging when the end result is a cocktail designed to match your mood, and with “tests” like these, everyone is a winner.

This mood-based mentality forms the crux of a new menu-less cocktail incentive at CH Distillery for the month of March. Adorably dubbed “Cocktails Have Feelings, Too,” the program is the masterwork of beverage director Azrhiel Frost, and it takes place at the West Loop cocktail bar every Wednesday this month from 5 to 7 p.m.

The concept is simple; guests at the bar can forgo a typical cocktail menu in favor of essentially treating Frost like a makeshift therapist. Rather than suss through a list of drink options, you can simply talk about your day, your feelings and your mood. Frost will then whip you up something on the fly based on your personality, without knowing a thing about your flavor and spirit preferences. So in more ways than one this is actually much better than traditional therapy.


Here’s what Frost had to say about her personality-based cocktails, the challenges therein and which celebrity she’d like to make a cocktail for.

Matt Kirouac: Tell me about your “Cocktails Have Feelings, Too” concept and where you got the idea to implement this at CH Distillery.

Azrhiel Frost: “Cocktails Have Feelings, Too” was actually a concept created by our Marketing Director Ali Schwartz. She was watching me work and I love coming up with weird, different, on-the-spot drinks. The time I’ve spent in this industry has taught me a lot about reading people, it’s also taught me that 90% of the people sitting at my bar do not know anything about what I do or the products I work with. This is why I love doing “dealer’s choice” cocktails; it gives me the opportunity to educate people and open their minds. I want to change people’s preconceived notions about spirits.

MK: What are the challenges with this type of cocktail format?

AF: The challenges… well it’s all about reading people, so there’s obviously the possibility that I’ll be way off, but I’ve got a pretty good track record so far.

MK: Based on your mood, what type of drink would you make for yourself right now?

AF: It’s Monday and I’m feeling a bit of stress over this new menu I’m rolling out tomorrow. I have a ton of laundry to do at home that I’m not going to get to. So today (later today) I’m going to pour myself a large glass of Amaro. Neat.

MK: Can you give me a rundown of a few different spirits at CH and what their personality attributes might be?

AF: CH Vodka is the crowd-pleaser; easy, non-committal, go with the flow. CH Peppercorn Vodka: have you ever been to a Latin Dance show? You know the really sexy girl, with long dark hair wearing a flowing fire red dress? Yeah, it’s her, confidant, outgoing, brazen. CH Amaro: complicated, sophisticated, quiet and alluring.

MK: If you could make a cocktail based on personality for any celebrity, who would you make it for and what would you make?

AF: Ellen Degeneres. I would make her something effervescent and herbaceous, bright and inquisitive. I can’t give you an exact recipe because I have never actually met Ellen. Unfortunately.