What is the Business Builder Program?


The purpose of Chicago Scene business builder program is designed to take full advantage of the many opportunities to develop and execute events and develop new lines of business under the Chicago Scene structure.

All companies are limited with respect to the number of opportunities that they can engage and these limits are based on the number of employees they have and financial resources on hand.  These limits keep companies from growing at faster rates.

The “Business Builder” program allows entrepreneurially minded contractors to aid Chicago Scene to grow while creating longer term jobs for themselves and generating revenue streams necessary to develop new lines of business for all involved.

In this way Chicago Scene creates a business development platform by which event, marketing, promotion and media professionals may  leverage all of the assets and market position of Chicago Scene as well as the operational aspects like insurance, and licensing.


How does it work?

Contractors work on projects that may not yet be funded but will be compensated in a profit sharing model where all parties benefit.  Profit sharing for projects is based on level of contribution and is agreed to prior to beginning of any project in writing.

Once a project has been green lighted within the business builder program, Chicago scene management will take on the risks associated with the execution of the project including;

  • All contracts and legal obligations
  • Expenses of promotion
  • Ticketing set up and expenses
  • Costs of insurance, licenses and bonding
  • Website/page development and maintenance
  • Promotion through Chicago Scene website and magazine and team members
  • Development of all graphics, video, and social media


Who can Participate?

Business Builder program participants may range from event planners, developers, managers, ticket and sponsorship sales, video/photographic production, social media marketing and more.

Those interested in participating in the Business Builder program must be interviewed as with any other position with the company. It is important that we work only with professionally minded individuals so that all team members are guaranteed to be working with a team of professionals executing on each project.

Interns are welcome to the program and will be engaged in appropriate levels based on prior experience and education and will also be paid based on participation as agreed to prior to project initiation.

Any professional or intern who wishes to be a part of the Chicago Scene Business Builder program may submit an application by clicking here (this is a link that goes to a section with a list of the current roles each with a link to submit application for that role and below each role is a general application that is not role specific).  Areas of expertise required include but are not limited to:

  • Business Development
  • Event planning and management
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Ticket and Sponsorship sales
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Graphics development
  • On air host/reporter
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Market research and analysis

Applicants will be evaluated and interviewed and if approved will be exposed to those projects currently in the Chicago Scene pipeline but may not yet be green lighted.

Those who have concepts on events or projects of their own can introduce such projects to Chicago Scene and, if approved, a team will be built to execute on that project just as organic Chicago Scene events.

Once an event or project has been submitted for consideration and assessment will be done to determine what resources will be required to develop and execute a successful project.  Approved submissions will then be deemed as “green lighted” projects and will be slotted into the production schedule of Chicago scene.


Application Form

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