Chicago Scene Invites You to be a Cultural Explorer

Chicago is one of the most amazing cities in the world populated by intelligent, loyal, and sophisticated Cultural Explorers who are ready to reexamine the eccentric neighborhoods of the city. Chicago is home to nearly three million residents who take pride in their city all four seasons and celebrate their commitment to calling this city home. Chicagoans soak up the sun during summer as they gear up for the annual Chicago Scene Boat Party and gently shift indoors as fall approaches for Chicago Scene football watch parties. Warm memories of the boat party help Chicagoans move through the harsh winters as they count down the weeks to the famous Chicago Scene New Years Eve party at The Drake. Time flies and suddenly it’s spring and time to celebrate new hot spots with Chicago Scene launch parties.

While mostly known as Chicago’s leading party planner, people may not know that Chicago Scene also celebrates 22 neighborhoods on a regular basis. Each month, Chicago Scene highlights one neighborhood, known as the Neighborhood Spotlight, where readers and followers will learn about the culture, businesses, and people of the neighborhood. Each Neighborhood Spotlight month will conclude with a special Chicago Scene neighborhood event that is guaranteed to be an epic time!

In order to encourage Chicagoans to venture out to neighborhoods outside of their own, Chicago Scene magazine presents Chicago Scene Cultural Explorers. The Cultural Explorers are a group of Chicago Scene readers and fans who join each other as they move out of their comfort zones and experience the intimate relationship Chicago Scene has with businesses and venues throughout the city. From Andersonville to Hyde Park, Chicago Scene Cultural Explorers will embark on a 12-month series of events that expose them to the hidden gems nestled away within each of our glorious neighborhoods.

With over 7,300 restaurants,100 neighborhoods, 26 miles of lakefront, and 36 annual parades, Chicago offers countless ways to entertain its residents and guests. In fact, Chicago has over 40 million annual visitors and dozens of world-renowned museums that can occupy one’s time over and over! Being a tourist in one’s own city can be really fun!

Chicago is known for being a resilient city with rich history. Chicago was officially incorporated in 1837 and quickly grew in population and wooden infrastructure. Unfortunately, the wooden structures ignited which resulted in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Chicago quickly restructured and reemerged as a powerful city as it hosted the 1893 world’s fair and evolved to develop many other “firsts,” (like the first car radio from Motorola and the first remote control from Zenith). The booming population and industry led to factory developments and culturally-tailored restaurants. As residents continued to call Chicago home they began living and playing throughout the neighborhoods. Chicago Scene tours offer fantastic opportunities to dive deeper into all that is Chicago history.

Chicago is also famous for sports and die-hard sports fans. Chicago sports like boxing, cricket, and billiards were popular in the late 1800s and more mainstream sports emerged as staples in the community in the 1900s. Today Chicago is known for two MLB teams with the Cubs and White Sox, the NBA Bulls, NFL Bears, and the NHL Blackhawks. Chicago Scene readers are some of the most loyal sports fans and are known to make game day a special occasion.

In addition to history, architecture, and sports, Chicago is known to have a larger than life nighttime scene. After the Great Chicago Fire and during the world’s fair, residents and visitors frequented the near south side establishments known as the Levee District. The district was shut down in 1914 so nightlife shifted to other areas of the city with the highest concentration of establishments being in the Loop, the near north side, and the south side.

Join Chicago Scene Cultural Explorers as they tour this beautiful city we call home. Chicago Scene will intimately guide you through the past and present while creating a future of excitement and high expectations throughout the playground and home we lovingly refer to as Chicago.