The Coffee Studio Knows Your Drink Order

Its 4:30 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon. The Coffee Studio taunts the wind-induced calamity outside its windows with its algorithmically maintained, relaxed vibe that has kept customers loyal since 2007.

The Coffee Shop storefront entrance

Calming music, laptops open on every table and two baristas—matching in black uniforms—keep a quiet rapport. All of this accomplished without any open tables suggests The Coffee Studio has matured into its own and has no room or need for change.

Dolce Latte

This is not a big surprise for a coffee shop. Since Starbucks took over the planet, the high expectation of getting all of your work done and more in a coffee influenced atmosphere has lead many to flock to the comfortable tables and chairs that these places provide.

Why wouldn’t you want to get work done surrounded by dozens of busy, silent strangers rather than sitting on your apartment couch? It’s all about minimizing that temptation to push the work aside and watch Netflix.

Besides partaking in this fairly common function of coffee shops, The Coffee Studio has some exceptional differences.

For one, the design. It’s sleek. It’s laser-focused. And while you spend your afternoon sitting on the lounge chairs, you feel comfortable. The layout of the shop, along with the hand-picked furniture, offers a minimalistic, focused edge that many coffee shops try to pull off to no avail.

Cortado & caramels

Ruminating in its Andersonville heritage, The Coffee Studio displays a simplistic art exhibition, “Stellarium,” by Andersonville-based artist, Carol P. Jarvis.

Independently owned—with its only location in Andersonville—The Coffee Studio was unsurprisingly founded by a husband-wife team who also founded Design Union, a Chicago-based collaborative product design practice.

Listening to the conversations at The Coffee Studio proves the place is filled with locals. The shop has monopolized a key corner in Andersonville’s coffee scene. People working on homework and people working on actual work sit beside moms waiting to pick up their kids from school and random customers chatting up the baristas.

On top of providing top-notch coffee, The Coffee Studio sells the wildly popular Intelligentsia brew along with coffee-makers, travel mugs, grinders, and a plethora of other equally important coffee brewing tools.

The Coffee Shop cold brew bottles

The menu contains anything from pastries, sandwiches, and New York-style bagels to the unexpected, like alcohol, for those looking for a different kind of drink. The coffee- and tea-based cocktails The Coffee Studio boasts, like the Bourbon Chai, are wonderfully flavorful.

Whether or not your familiar with The Coffee Studio or Andersonville, The Coffee Studio is worth the 10-minute walk from the Bryn Mawr red line stop. Your guaranteed to sit down and actually be motivated enough to get your work done.