Monthly Art Galleries in Chicago

The Chicago Arts District, located across Halsted and 18th Street, seeks to preserve the artistic culture of Chicago. Doing so, they hold monthly art walks on every second Friday of the month. They call the event Second Friday’s, and those who go to view are welcomed with drinks and snacks and walk through an assortment of 30-plus galleries in the East Pilsen district.

On top of the open galleries, vintage shops down 18th Street are open late and supply deals and a good time. On this special occasion each month, the streets of Pilsen light up with newcomers and residents, all excited for the showcasing of local art blended with an enlightening night life experience. The galleries are open from 6 to 10 p.m.

Down the street in Pilsen, Lacuna Artist Loft hosts another Second Friday event, an open gallery and party night for art walkers to browse through local artists work and unique installations. Differing from the art district’s Second Friday’s, Lacuna Artist Loft studios are all located in one building on Canalport Street in East Pilsen. These art walks have been an excellent place to meet new people with common interests, indulge, and enjoy drinks accompanied by live music.

Keep up with their Facebook page for details on these events and featured artists. This is the perfect place to head after a walk through the Arts District walk through.

Further down Halsted Street in Bridgeport, the Bridgeport Art Center holds Third Friday’s — a bit redundant, but an exciting feature nonetheless that is very unique to Chicago. Bridgeport’s gallery walk throughs are similar to Lacuna Lofts, where visitors are exposed to the work of local painters, sculptors, media artists, designers, and much more. The visitors are able to engage with the artists and discuss their work with them. It’s exciting for Chicago to be able to host a unique series like these. If you’re available on any of these nights, be sure to head to Pilsen for a long night of art and enjoyment.