Open and Shut in FebruaryFrom clandestine sushi bars to a legendary Fulton Market pioneer, here’s what opened and shut this month in Chicago. Open Naoki Sushi: Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises rolled out a clandestine sushi nook nestled behind their acclaimed Intro in Lincoln Park’s Belden-Stratford. Named for sushi chef Naoki Nakashima, the pint-sized dining room features both classic and... Read more »
Boozy Bar Specials Cure the Monday BluesA spoonful of sugar might help the medicine go down, but a glassful of mezcal is a surefire cure-all for a case of the Mondays. Bars in Chicago are rising to the task of tempering those weekday blues by serving up some boozy new promotions on Monday nights. From mezcal pours to Manhattans, Mondays just got... Read more »
Local Artist Adds Flair to Chicago Eateries  Nora Balayti may not be a household name, but many Chicagoans are unknowingly familiar with her work. The 32-year-old artist from Dixon, Illinois, has worked with some of Chicago’s most recognizable establishments to attract both the eyes and stomachs of people in the city. Whether pounding down sandwiches at Lucky’s or working in the... Read more &...
Four Must-Have Pieces to Look Holiday ReadyHolidays can be hectic and stressful at times, but looking holiday ready doesn’t have to be. With these four easy versatile pieces, you can be holiday ready in less than ten minutes, look effortlessly beautiful, and even wear the pieces beyond the season. Get Holiday Ready with Color A pop of color, such as classic... Read more »