Monthly Art Galleries in ChicagoThe Chicago Arts District, located across Halsted and 18th Street, seeks to preserve the artistic culture of Chicago. Doing so, they hold monthly art walks on every second Friday of the month. They call the event Second Friday’s, and those who go to view are welcomed with drinks and snacks and walk through an assortment... Read more »
Hot Sauce Dreams Come True for SobremesaBig things often have small beginnings. Even more aptly, big things have unexpected beginnings. Sobremesa is a restaurant story for the ages; one in which a group of friends (most of whom had minimal industry experience) joined together to form an underground dining concept that would eventually not only grow to something big, but beget... Read more »
Four Must-Visit Indoor Farmers’ MarketsWe still may be a couple months away from the start of the outdoor farmers’ market season, however, snow on the ground doesn’t mean you can’t have access to locally sourced food. Here are four farmers’ markets located throughout the city that provide Chicagoans with fresh produce throughout the year. Green City Market Every other... Read more »
Frock Shop Showcases FashionWalking into the Frock Shop is like walking into an urban socialite’s dream. The loft features exposed brick walls and hardwood floors, the shop displays fashion books and metallic-accented decor, and the music is an utterly perfect blend of girly, edgy and fun. And then, there’s the reason for the Frock Shop’s fabulous existence —... Read more »
Lashback Against Catcalling in PilsenThe Stop Telling Women to Smile (#STWTS) campaign, an art-based collective devoted to addressing street harassment, commonly referred to as “catcalling,” became a recent concern among local Pilsen residents. The Pilsen neighborhood is notable for its rich Latin American, family-oriented atmosphere, as well as its mom-and-pop convenient stores, vintage apparel shops, art, and kosher food... Read more »