What does an F18 night vision lens have in common with a guitar pick?

What does an F18 night vision lens have in common with a guitar pick? Some pretty awesome things, that’s what.

F18s are smooth, sleek, and sexy, just like Rock Hard Picks. With it’s unique color scheme and diamond-like carbon (DLC), this hard pick will allow you to play without the annoying resistance common with plastic picks. String breakage is virtually non-existent with this low friction diamond-like nanotechnology created through a unique trade secret process. This top secret new coating technique is the talk of the industry. Crafted by a former NASA physicist and musician, its low friction coefficient won’t break your strings and will allow you to shred flawlessly as you rock hard.

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Dr. Jerry Mearini’s Gibson SG is a permanent fixture in his office at GENVAC Aerospace Inc., the birthplace of Rock Hard Picks. Mearini has a Ph.D. in Thin Film physics from Case Western Reserve University and also worked as a physicist at NASA. His science background paired with his 40+ years as a musician blended perfectly as he analyzed the physics involved with the flawless flow of music. Mearini noticed that as he played faster, his plastic picks had to keep getting thicker to reduce flexing, until it was a cumbersome 2 mm thick. “Response time from the lack of flex of Rock Hard Picks effects playing. You move your hand less to get the same number of picks with less effort,” he said.

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Mearini decided to make stainless steel picks and polished the edge and face. He created prototypes and added Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating, the same material he uses to coat military products like infrared and night vision devices. The coating is very hard, has an extremely low coefficient of friction (10X lower than Teflon), and never wears off. “The F18 night vision system faces the elements going faster than the speed of sound and can see in every direction. It is a $140,000 window,” Mearini explained. The coefficient of friction with the F18 material on a guitar pick is 100 times lower than traditional metal on metal contact and Mearini knows that the smooth glide on the strings will be noticed immediately by anyone who tries a Rock Hard Pick. Mearini also points out that guitarists will notice an adjustment in their playing because they are used to striking the strings with a certain amount of force. “You can strike with less force and get the same sound and then play faster with more precision.” Mearini personally tests each pick to ensure perfection of the laser-diced, aggressively tumbled, and electro-polished metal products.

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Guitarists typically treat picks as a throw-away item, costing around a dollar, and have the freedom to lose them without worrying about it, treating them as secondary. “Picks are the most important part of our guitars, they are the “human” interface of your guitar, I would never play with anything else besides a sophistocated technically engineered pick, like Rock Hard,” Mearini said.

People complain that picks are plastic and easy to lose. Mearini suggests treating a Rock Hard Pick like a piece of jewelry not as a plastic pick, and he developed ways to keep them handy for impromptu jam sessions (check out Rock Hard Pick necklaces and necklace pick holders).

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Mearini isn’t stopping with picks. He wants to coat the saddle, where the tension is extremely high and results in out of tune instruments. It’s also where strings break about 50% of the time. The DLC coating will eliminate the friction. “There is a lot of physics involved in music,” Mearini noted, and added that many of his physics professors were also expert violinists and pianists. He gave a shout out to Cleveland and Severance Hall, known as the world’s most beautiful orchestra hall and home of the Cleveland Orchestra. “It was designed by a Case physicist who created a space for well mixed sound in all areas of the theater.”


Whether you prefer classical acoustic guitar or hard rock electric sounds, you can look really cool and sound amazing with Rock Hard Picks. Each pick is beautifully packaged in an elegant envelope with a card carrier and description of the pick. Even as a novice I was able to tell the difference playing with a plastic pick and with a Rock Hard Pick. I choose Rock Hard every time. If you want to Rock Hard and shred responsibly, check out over two dozen picks available online. Oh yeah, and Mearini also grows diamonds. Seriously – physicists can do cool things like that.  If you have an extra $7,500 burning a hole in your pocket you can have your very own Rock Hard solid CVD diamond guitar pick.